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Composer of Film / Theater / Multimedia

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Mitch Lin is a Taiwanese composer with a Master of Music degree in film scoring from New York University, and is currently a Lecturer at the Music Institute of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University(Taiwan). Mitch Lin has been immersed in music for over 25 years. His music is full of elegant melody, colourful harmony, and blends a wide range of genres.

Specializing in orchestral music, his soundtrack works include “Grand Adventure Railroad” (winner of Best Animation at the Taipei Film Festival) and "Impurrfection" (selected for the Chicago International Film Festival), the documentary "Fairy Tales" (American Student Oscar Silver Award), the trailer of “Little Big Women" (Golden Horse Award for best actress), and two feature films - "Your Love Song” and "Black Sheep".

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Photo by TedEly

"Summer Time" Recording Session
Golden Horse Award Red Carpet
Impurrfection recording session
Teaching in HarvestMusician Scoring Workshop
VSL Keyboard
Grand Adventure Railroad Recording Session
Impurrfection recording session
Spider - A Love Story Recording Session
Dreamland Album Recording Session
Zeelandia Musical Workshop as musical director
String Recording Session NYU
As Pianist in Band Gig
Press Conference of cross domain program in NYCU
Bagpipe Band Marching
Play Piano when 10-yr old
music director in Cabaret "The American Dream"
Online Teaching
With Taiwanese Game Music Composer,Rizet Tsen
Playing Keyboard in Off-broadway Musical Spring Awakening
Mixing Session for Short Film Funk Force
Dance Theater "Cat and Robot" Performance
Pianist in Dance with Miss Rachel
Keyboardist in Band
With Director Callum Smith
Recording 星期六深夜Million Reasons Mashup - Performed by Ginger Rice
Lecture in Taipei Music Design Fest
Hybrid Recording Session
Hybrid Recording Session
Concert of Taiwanese Film Music
Violin Recording
The night of NYU film score concert
After recording
Music Analysis Presentation
Fuxida Performace
Orchestra Reading Session
Poster of NYU film score concert
Rehearse with Ji-in Symphonic Band
Premiere of "The Righteous One"
"The Righteous One" in Singapore
My winner peice, "Bear" Premiere
Sound Sample Recording Session
Fuxida Performance in Grand Central
String Recording and Conducting
Premiere of "The Righteous One"
7 Stages of Grief
7 Stages of Grief
Spotlight on New York
Graduate Recital
Graduate Recital
Graduate Recital
Traditional Band Performance
NY Chain Film Festival
Concert of Taiwanese Film Music
Hybrid Recording Session
Doc NYC festival
Recording for "Tree of Life"
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